January 7

I live inside the feeling of sounds
Given relief
And validation
In a universe
That connects to my experience

El Capitan

Stark Gray Granite
Solid Strong looming Rock
Nestled in between
Yet towering over and above.

Three distinct sides of
Brooding Native Faces.

Protecting the Valley.

Reminder of mortality.

Dave Ballou

There once was a man named Ballou
And into the trumpet he blew
The sound was ingenious
And often mischievous
His soul singing loud, clear and true


Flowing, Pouring
Sailing Soaring
Searching Learning
Yearning Churning

Melodies painful
Sounds of tearing
Souls tormented
Tortured baring

Living Fearing
Searing Hearing
Creeping Leaping
Flying Dying

Rhythms Hoping
Harmonies Groping
Compared Despaired

Lives entwined
Behind combined
Clutching Touching
Grasping Rasping

Ever moving
Forward surging
Stalling inward
Outward purging

Shouting Screaming
Demon Dreaming
Wanting Needing
Doubting Conceding

Ginger Peeling
Gentle Healing
Hopeful Posing
Final Closing.


Rain applauds
The shrieking Lightening
That illuminates the steeples
While Thunder bellows her approval.

Images of Andrew

Physically confined
Spiritually soaring
Beautiful and warm
Frowns of discomfort
Smiles of elation
Beautiful and warm
Heartfelt sounds
Music pouring
Beautiful and warm
Trumpet sound
Liberated soul
Beautiful and warm.


Angular faces
Staunch expressions
Wearied eyes
Babushkad heads
Warm emotions
Cold hands
Impassioned artist
Minor melodies
Soulful sounds
Fervent beliefs
Earnest speeches
Poignant gestures
Loving gifts
Indelible rewards.

March 31, 2010

Emotional shackles vanished,
I am content to sit
And happily enjoy

Walton Auction

Plastic meshed-backed trucker hats
Bill worn straight out at brow level
Back worn high or ventilation
Tight tee-shirts stretched over guts
Dirty jeans worn lower in front
Old flys exposing zippers
Matted slicked-back hair
Red faces and flannel everywhere
Tattoed arms and old, old shoes.

An elderly woman, sturdy boned and tall
Face decorated with deep creases
Her nails long and filled with black
Long gray hair, cowboy boots, tee shirt and jeans
Lights a cigarette
And tucks the pack in her bra

Empty house, deserted barn
Rows of junk filled boxes in the yard
Swimming pool with greenish brown
Stagnant water
Rusty tools
Beautiful view
While puffy clouds
Deep blue sky
Shiny green John Deere.

Today is the day the neighbors have gathered
To purchase what is left
Of a deceased farmers life.


Vast White Horizonless Expanses
Punctuated with Huddle Pointed Trees
And decorated with Glittering Pools
Of Sunlight
Captured and Released.


Lily pads in the wind
Waving to us
Applauding their approval
Of our lunch in the canoe

A Poem

Soar, Fly, Float, Sail
Speak, Scream, Sing, Wail
Slide, Glide, be filled up with Pride
Smile, Giggle, Shake, and Wiggle
Walk, Run, Skip, Jump
Love and Laugh, get over the Hump
Talk, Tell, Learn and Grow
Know that you can know that you know.